Seven Daily Supplications

from AlSaheefah AlSajjaadiyah



In the name of Allah, the All Merciful, the Most Merciful.


In the pamphlet entitled “AlSaheefah AlSajjadiyah” there are numerous chapters of supplications written by Imam AlSajjad, Ali ibn AlHussain, Zain AlAabideen (AS). To allow our Moslem brothers, who do not know Arabic, read and understand these supplications I attempted to translate their meanings into English, as close as I could within the limits of my understanding of the intentions of the Imam (AS).  I beg that my translations convey the meaning and the gist of the words of the Imam (AS) as faithfully as possible. It is known that translation is the second best, because every language has its peculiarities and own structure; so I plead for forgiveness for any failure in my work.  May Allah accept my endeavour, and I beseech his forgiveness for any error in my work.

اللهم صلِّ وسلّم على محمدٍ وآلِ محمدٍ.

Allahumma Salli wa sallim alaa Mohammad wa Aali Mohammad.

Dr Abdulmonem Nasser. 2016.




  1. Sunday Supplication


In the name of Allah, the All Merciful, the Most Merciful.


In the name of Allah, whom I hope for nothing except His favours. I fear nothing except His justice, I rely upon nothing but His word, and I adhere to nothing but His cord.


In You, the master of pardon and acceptance, I take refuge from injustice and aggression, from the uncertainty of time, from the recurrence of sadness, from the unexpected events, and from the expiration of time before being ready and prepared.


From You I get guidance for what has righteousness and reform; and from You I seek help in what are linked to success and rendering success.


To You I look forward to be covered by wellbeing in complete, and safety in full and enduring. And, O My Lord, with You I take refuge from the insinuation of satans, and in Your majesty I seek protection from the oppression of tyrants. Accept from me what is of my prayers and fasting, and make for me my tomorrow better than my hour and day. Raise high my esteem among my clan and people, and safeguard me in my wakefulness and sleep; for You are Allah the best protector, and You are the most Merciful of all the merciful.













O Allah, I disassociate myself, in this day of mine and in the Sundays that follow it, from associating (other gods with you) and from atheism; and I am  sincere in my supplication, hoping for acceptance.


Pray, (O Allah) on Mohammad and the progeny of Mohammad; the best of Your creation, the herald to Your truth; and raise me in esteem by your might which cannot be harmed, protect me by Your eye, the ever wakeful; conclude my affairs by full dedication to You, and my life by forgiveness. Indeed You are the most Forgiving, the most Merciful.



  1. Monday supplication


In the name of Allah, the All Merciful, the Most Merciful.


Praise be to Allah, who needed no witness when He created heavens and earth, nor did he have a supporter when he brought the breezes into being. He has no associate in divinity, nor a competitor in oneness.


Tongues fall short in attaining a description of  Him, and minds fail in knowing His reality. Tyrants are humbled by His majesty, faces are in distress in fear of Him, and every great submits to His greatness.


All praise be to Him, successive and in good order, continuous and well ordered; and His prayers for ever on His Messenger, and greetings continuous and eternal.


O Allah, make the beginning of my day righteousness, its middle thriving, and its end  success. And by You I seek refuge from a day, the beginning of which is fright, its middle anxiety, and its end painful.


O Allah, I seek your forgiveness for every vow I made, for every promise I gave, and for every pledge I promised, but I did not fulfil them.


And I beg You concerning any injustice was from me against your servants. Should any one of Your servants or maids, who had a complaint against me regarding an injustice against himself, on his honour, on his property, or on his kinfolks and offspring, or a slandering I said about him, or a prejudice against him through partiality and whims, or by aloofness, bigotry, or hypocrisy; present he might be or absent, alive or dead, but I fell short and unable to make restitution to him, and absolving myself from it.


I ask You, who possesses all things, and they are obedient to His wish, and responsive to His will, to Pray on Mohammad and the progeny of Mohammad, and to make him satisfied with me in what You wish, and to grant me mercy from You. You are not short of forgiveness, nor are You harmed by granting. O You, the most Merciful of all the merciful.


O Allah; favour me on every Monday with two favours from You: happiness in its beginning by obedience to You, and a bounty in its end by Your forgiveness; O Him, who is the Lord, and no other forgives sins but Him.





  1. Tuesday Supplication


In the name of Allah, the All Merciful, the Most   Merciful.


Praises to Allah, and praises are what he deserves; abundance of praise.


And I seek refuge in Him from the evil of myself, for the self is the enjoiner of evil; except whom Allah has mercy on.

And I seek refuge in Him from Satan, who makes me add (who adds) sins to my sins.

And I seek protection in Him from every iniquitous tyrant, from every unjust sovereign, and from every overpowering enemy.


O Allah, make me one of Your soldiers, for Your soldiers are the victorious, and make me one of Your party, for Your party are the fortunate; and make me one of your Waliys  (protégé), for your Waliys shall have no fear, nor shall they be sad.


O Allah, make right for me my religion, as it is the safeguard of my affairs, make right for me my hereafter as it is the abode of my last dwelling, and towards it is my escape from neighbouring the ignoble. Make life for me an increment of every goodness, and death for me a rest from every evil.





O Allah, pray on Mohammad, the last of the prophets, and the completion of the number of the messengers; and on his pure and chaste progeny, and his eminent companions, and grant me three wishes on Tuesday:

Do not leave a sin of mine unforgiven, not any worry but you make it vanish, and not an enemy but You drive him away. In the name of Allah, the best of names, in the name of Allah the Lord of the earth and heaven, I seek to repel every mishap, the beginning of which is His indignation, and I seek to win every pleasance the beginning of which is His content.


So, conclude for me forgiveness from You; O You, the patron of benevolence.







  1. Wednesday Supplication


In the name of Allah, the All Merciful, the Most Merciful.


Praise be to Allah, who made night a covering, and sleep for repose, and daytime for rising up.


For You is the praise, that You rose me up from my sleep; Had You wished, You would have made it eternal; an everlasting praise for You that never has an end; nor its number can be counted by  creatures.


O Allah, praise be to You that You created and perfected, You ordained and decreed, You caused death and gave life, You caused sickness and You heeled, and You relieved and afflicted. On the throne You held control, and the universes You controlled (contained).


I call upon You, by a supplication of someone whose means are frail, whose ability is cut off, whose destiny in close, whose hope in the world is small, and his need of Your  mercy in intense; whose remorse about his negligence is immense, whose faults and stumbling are many, and whose repentance to Your face in sincere.





So, pray on Mohammad, the last of the prophets, and on his progeny the noble and the chaste, and endow me with the intercession of Mohammad, Allah pray on him and on his progeny; and do not deprive me of his companionship.  Indeed, You are the most Merciful of all the merciful.


O Allah, grant me on Wednesday four wishes:

Make my strength in obeying You, my activity in worshipping You, my desire in gaining Your reward, and make me abstain from what brings upon me Your painful punishment.


You are the most intimately knowledgeable of what You desire.







  1. Thursday Supplication


In the name of Allah, the All Merciful, the Most Merciful.


Praise be to Allah, who drove the dark night away by His power; and brought in the bright daytime by His mercy; and covered me by its light, and gave me His bounty.


O Allah, as You have kept me for it, keep me for the likes of it; and Pray on Prophet Mohammad and his progeny, and do not afflict me in it and in other nights and days by committing the forbidden and doing sins. Bestow upon me its goodness and what goodness there is in it, and the goodness of what follows it; and protect me from its malice, from what malice there is in it, and from the malice of what follows it.


O Allah, by the custody of Islam I entreat You, by the sanctity of the Quran I depend on You, and by Mohammad the best of the chosen,  (المصطفى) peace be upon Him, I seek intercession to You. O Allah, You know my status, by means of which I hope to have my need answered, O the most Merciful of all the merciful.




O Allah, ordain for me on Thursday five needs, which cannot be accommodated except by Your generosity, and cannot be sustained except by Your favour: fitness by means of which I can be obedient to You, worship by means of which I deserve Your bountiful reward, sufficiency in my situation by lawful provision. Make me safe by Your security in situations of fear, and allow me into Your bastion to be free from recurrent worries and sadness.


Pray on Mohammad and the progeny of Mohammad, and make my begging through Him a profitable intersession on the day of judgement. You are the most Merciful of all the merciful.







  1. Friday Supplication


In the name of Allah, the All Merciful, the Most Merciful.


Praise be to Allah, the first before creating and enlivening, (endowment with live), and the last after the extinction of all things. The all knowing who does not forget who remembers Him, nor decreases the reward of who thanks Him; who does not disappoints who supplicates to Him, nor does He cut off the hope of who beseeches Him.


O Allah, I beg You to be the witness, and it is sufficient to have You as a witness,, and I ask all of Your angels and the inhabitants of Your heavens and the bearers of Your throne, and the prophets and messengers whom You sent, and all kinds of Your creatures that You created; that I bear witness that You are Allah, there is no god but You; You alone with no associate or equal to You, and no failing or change to Your word; and that Mohammad, Allah pray on him and on his progeny, is Your servant and Your messenger. He conveyed to the servants what You charged him with, and he strove for Allah the most of real striving; and that he gave good tidings of what is the rightful reward, and warned about what is the real punishment.




O Allah, keep me firm on Your religion as long as You keep me alive, and do not let my heart deviate after you have guided me; and grant me mercy from You, indeed You are the grantor.


Pray on Mohammad and the progeny of Mohammad; and make me one of his followers and partisans, and resurrect me amongst his group. Make me successful in performing the obligatory duties of Fridays, and what obediences therein which You made obligatory on me to do, and what rewards You determined to its doers on the day of retribution.  You are the all mighty, the all wise.






  1. Saturday Supplication


In the name of Allah, the All Merciful, the Most Merciful.


In the name of Allah, the word of those who seek safeguarding, and the treatise of those who seek protection. And I seek refuge in Allah, exalted He is, from the oppression of the oppressors, from the scheming of the envious, and from the tyranny of the unjust; and I praise Him above the praise of the praisers.


O Allah, You are the One without an associate, and the King without conveyance of kingship. You are not opposed in Your judgement, nor are You contested in Your sovereignty.


I ask You to pray on Mohammad and his progeny, Your servant and messenger, and to guide me to offer thanks for Your favours, thanks that attain Your utmost satisfaction, and to help me in Your obedience and commitment to worshipping You and deserving Your reward; all by the kindness of Your care.



I ask You to have mercy on me and to deter me from disobedience, as long as You keep me alive; to make me successful in gaining what profits me as long as You spare me; to gladden my heart by Your Book, to relieve my sins through reciting it, to grant me safety in my religion and in my self, and to prevent me from making cheerless those of my pleasant company.


Make complete Your favours on me in what is left of my lifetime, just as You did in what had passed of it; O the most Merciful of all the merciful.




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