Civil Defence


North Shore Ahlul Bayt community and Auckland CDEM agree to work together on a best endeavours basis to provide mutual support before, during and after emergency events such as Lifeline utility failure (eg. electricity, water), Tsunami, Tide surge, Cyclones, Landslip, Flooding, Earthquake, Human epidemic, Volcanic eruption.


To build community resilience to emergencies and disasters that may impact on members of the North Shore Ahlul Bayt community.
To provide a plan to enable the community to respond and remain self-reliant for at least three days in the event of an emergency.
To work together to strengthen the ability of the North Shore Ahlul Bayt community to respond to and recover from emergency events.

North Shore Ahlul Bayt Services at Significant Threats to Auckland

Before an emergency we can provide:

  • Support for education sessions, through providing the venue and promoting these
  • Advice from community leaders on how best to support the community

During/after an emergency we can provide

  • Links to the Ahlul Bayt community and a conduit to provide information and support
  • Support to our community from our leaders and other North Shore Ahlul Bayt community members (mutual help)
  • Information to CDEM about what has happened locally and how the community is affected, and how other responders may be able to help
  • A space/hub to support the community
  • Spiritual support for community members
  • Support and assistance to the wider community
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