Human Islam

Human Islam program is dedicated to running public focus sessions to present the true face of Islam to the New Zealand public. Our attendees always include NZ government officials, charitable organisations and human rights personnel.

Sheikh Jehad Ismail is the main speaker at the sessions.

Sheikh Jehad Ismail is a prominent Islamic figure in Australia where he resides. He also held a number of government and non-government positions, the main one being an official government Interpreter/Translator in the Australian court system. Recently he was appointed in an honorary position as the NSW Police Chaplain for Muslim Police officers in the state of NSW. Sheikh Jehad Ismail is a frequent traveller, both nationally and internationally, to propagate the teachings of Islam. He has attended a number of international conferences and Islamic camps to represent the Australian Muslim Community.

Our 8th Human Islam session took place on Sunday 25/11/2018 at the Ahlulbayt Centre. You can watch the speech by Sheikh Jehad Ismail on the Freedom of Speech in Islam below.

The next Human Islam event details will be posted here closer to the time. 

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