Will Writing

In the name of Allah, the All Merciful, the Most Merciful.

North Shore Ahlulbayt Centre offers to help those who want to write their personal will written on an official form in New Zealand. When someone passes away in New Zealand their property and possessions will be distributed to their inheritors according to the laws of New Zealand. If someone wishes to have their property and possessions distributed in a way different from what is in the local laws of inheritance, they can choose to write a personal will by which they decides to have his property and possessions distributed as they wishe, not according to the local laws. By then the written will shall be the document according to which the inheritance will be distributed. This matter is of special importance to Muslims who wish to allot to the inheritors their shares according to the laws of Islam.

North Shore Ahlulbayt Centre is ready to offer help to anyone who wishes to write his or her will the way they desire.  The member of the Centre, Dr Abdulmonem Nasser, is assigned the duty of helping people in writing their will. Those willing to do that please contact him on his following address:

Dr Abdulmonem Nasser,

(09) 4422321

021 127 1162

May Allah award you a long life, and guide you towards goodness and happiness.


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